Dr. Polec uses a wide range of vision therapy methods in addition to general eye care services to help treat several eye-related conditions, such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, or double vision, without the use of surgery. Dr. Polec prescribes personalized therapeutic plans, which are individualized to meet the unique needs of each patient in order to ensure the best possible treatments results. Dr. Polec and our team offer vision therapy to patients in Tucson and now, the surrounding areas, thanks to the addition of Telehealth into our practice.

What is Vision Therapy?

What is Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation?

Dr. Polec has been specifically trained to treat patients with visual deficits that are a direct result of physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or other neurological injuries. Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation focuses on visual problems that are a direct result of trauma. The long term side effects we address include spatial dysfunctions that affect balance or posture, as well as anxiety and panic attacks. Our programs are individualized and focus on regaining the eye-brain-body connection in order to ensure long-term results.